awkward, and reflects the new army shoes were missing internal system

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year, children's shoes and apparel industry to create exclusive cartoon namesake brand more and more. Companies want to take animation Express, launched shoes and toys, school bags, stationery and other derivative products, extensive product range, to meet consumer demand for one-stop shopping. By creating original animation image, brand awareness and reputation has improved. Typical case: This year, Bala Bala has officially with a well-known film culture teamed, a collection of the United States, Britain and other countries master animator, animated feature film produced a more than 100 sets. By children's clothing brand pig Banner's lemon-color cartoon animation company created "piglets Banner" by the end of August landing CCTV. The cartoon

in 2012 in western animation festival "Golden Award" Excellent animation contest in "Special Jury Award" and "Award winning air max 90 essential animated series." August 15, Quanzhou card toot children Ltd. announced that it the company will invest 30 million yuan, hire senior European animation design team, tailored 104 set "card toot" 3D animated film. Keywords 8: Merchants encounter "Waterloo" elaborated: 2012, shoes industry increased the number of new faces, however, these shoes new army of investment experience, "Waterloo" Although, investment scene layout sensation, strategic planning and policy support is also very. clear, but these failed to impress clients. In a field behind the investment will be awkward, and reflects the new army shoes were missing internal system

planning short board. Typical case: This air max 95 year, a newborn shoes brand investment will be opened. However, let the person in charge of the brand absolutely unexpected, in the morning, when it comes to the brim referral agents in the audience sat hundreds of numbers, until the afternoon, when the few remaining customers holding the mentality of looking to join sample orders. Keywords 9: Creating a multi-brand statement: With the development of industry segments, many businesses to new markets such as e-commerce and children's outdoor eyeing an attempt to seize a piece of cake, but considering the brand positioning problem, they decided on the basis of the original brand, re-create a new brand. So, to distinguish between the old and new brand

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