owners will frequently change, the business owner's answer is that these

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11", Lynx Taobao day fetched up to 19.1 billion yuan, so that the industry was shocked. It is reported that before the festival, green box and many other brands of children's shoes and apparel goods already doing many of the arrangements, logistics, customer service, and actively preparing for the "double 11" promotional activities. Keywords 12: Director resignation statement: marketing director resignation uncommon phenomenon in children's shoes and apparel industry, but more often this year. Business owners too utilitarian, marketing director of high expectations, but the mentality of too impetuous, director of marketing, lack of innovation, made very satisfactory. Plus, business owners and director of distrust, eventually leading to the two sides broke up. A typical case: a children's shoes companies in just one year for a five marketing director, when a reporter asked why business nike huarache owners will frequently change, the business owner's answer is that these

marketing director did not come to make real benefits for the enterprise, the company also did not empower all day complaining about them, do not have enough human and financial resources at its disposal. And a marketing director in this enterprise was to be had then told reporters that work in the family business, always be subject to supervision, "royal", and not to be trusted, there is no sense of security and aconverse all star sense of accomplishment, and therefore, it is hard now and to a mastermind. It is reported that, after Li Ning, ONLY, Jack Jones, the main outdoor products also settled KingCamp still love famous discount benefits, the benefits to the famous Golden Resources Mall adds a touch of warmth. The love is still discount the benefits of Golden Resources

Mall store is famous for outdoor recreation · Sports · theme, advocating comfortable, relaxed, sharing, environmental protection concepts, to provide consumers with the best and most affordable sports apparel. In this cold winter, KingCamp slogan "started 2012 warm war" autumn coat, jacket, fleece, padded winter hot new ex-gratia, the audience 3-5 fold, discount unprecedented intensity, which is in the past, the sale will be in KingCamp rare, absolutely KingCamp gospel fans. Li Ning in the love is still famous discount on sales benefit many categories, including jackets, sportswear, sports shoes, badminton rackets and other sports equipment readily available, where athletes can put a stop purchase of sports equipment. Promotional super power, the audience

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