payment patterns of cooperation, instead of using linked sales by

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positioning, the formation of complementary resources, and jointly promote the development of enterprises. A typical case: in 2012, the Supreme Wing Sporting Goods Co., heavy launch a new brand, "Yue Fei Bao", the new brand with the original brand "forever expert", although the same family but the "factions" positioning different. Yue Fei Bao to outdoor recreation as the main product structure, and try using the network air max 90 hyperfuse marketing model. Yue Fei Bao brand company with further tap the children's outdoor and two emerging e-commerce market. Keywords 10: Strategic Alliance elaborated: children's shoes and apparel industry, many companies are looking to obtain authorization internationally renowned brands, enhance their strength. And international

brands with a strong product development capability required of companies to help their research and production, and further develop the regional market. Therefore, more and more brands through strategic alliances to achieve a win-win cooperation. Typical Case: September 27, Qi Erte Limited and Bob dog air max classic bw (Chinese) children Ltd. held a signing ceremony for a strategic alliance, cooperation period of up to 20 years. The partnership is not authorized and is authorized to adopt, the headquarters of the company to pay the authorized payment patterns of cooperation, instead of using linked sales by

sales headquarters pumped into the cooperative mode. So, licensors and licensees easier to form a community of interests, the brand bigger and better and stronger. Keywords 11: holiday promotions elaborated: the annual holiday promotions have attracted many consumers. With holiday promotions business digest inventory, improve performance, but also to further promote the brand, cultivating a loyal consumer groups. 2012 holiday promotional most businesses and consumers are still crazy, and some network operators have begun to return to reason. Typical Case: May 1, Casey Long brand in Xi'an held a "9 yuan storm" promotional event, the audience 9 yuan of goods sold, sales activity three days up to 10 million. The event Bargains moderate proportion of regular-priced items at low prices, specials driven price merchandise sales, is one of the more successful doing promotional activities. This year's "history of the most crazy," the "double

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